Repeat + World isn't just a website, it's a philosophy. 

If you let the world inspire you, you will inspire the world. 

We all have something to give, whether it's to create, or inspire change. Watching the world around us, seeing, feeling and allowing inspiration to come is the spark that ignites invention. The Repeat+World website focuses on design, but inspiration is in everything. You don't have to hire Repeat+World, or buy from our website to take away what we are offering. Whatever you see, let it inspire you, take action and the world will be inspired by what you have discovered. 



Hannah Phillips-Kaplan - Founder 

Hannah's passion for design started at a young age amidst multiple renovations of family homes during her childhood. From start to finish, she found the design process fascinating. Watching homes take shape and transform was exciting and rewarding, even as a young girl. After earning a degree in Letters and Science from UCLA, Hannah found herself back on campus a few years later in the Interior Architecture program. After a few semesters, she branched out on her own to work as a freelance designer. The concept for Repeat + World came about while honing her aesthetic and forming her philosophy for design.

Endlessly inspired by the California landscape and the natural world around her, Hannah has an eye for creating interiors that are layered and warm. Infusing eclectic finds and expressing her love of color through art, Hannah creates well-balanced, livable spaces that are fit for any lifestyle. Hannah's goal is to express the views of her clients and to ultimately bring their inner creativity to life.

When she is not obsessing over Interior Design, Hannah loves to spend her time entertaining family and friends, scouring flea markets, and traveling the world. Her favorite spots are Costa Rica, Italy and anywhere deep in the Forest.