E-décor is an online service for decorating consultation only. Any and all recommendations are not for use of construction purposes. Recommendations for decorating are only intended as suggestions to improve the look of your space.  Client provides and agrees to provide any and all information on client’s requirements for the space.  Services related to E-décor projects will be provided by Repeat+World in an expeditious manner, as is consistent with professional skill and the timely process of the project. Correspondence for E-décor is strictly provided through email. Client agrees that phone calls or in-person visits (upon request by client) will be charged at $65/hr in additional fees. Billing will begin at 1/10 of an hour.   Repeat+World is not responsible for any installation, contractor work, construction work, safety precautions, delivery, or maintenance work of any kind for e-décor projects. We are not responsible for any supplier or other person performing work on an e-décor project; or any failure of them to meet deadlines, schedules or completion. Repeat+World will not be held responsible for any repairs, replacement or freight claims made for purchases related to e-décor recommendations.Repeat+World is not responsible for any return fees or costs associated for items client chooses to return.  

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