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The Five Best Places to Practice Self-Care in Los Angeles

The Five Best Places to Practice Self-Care in Los Angeles


Have you ever stood in front of your bathroom mirror with face masks lying in front of you, a new bottle of bubble bath and candles ready to light fully intending to practicing "self-care," only to realize that you just don't have the energy to give yourself a facial and clean the tub? Me too. We all know that self-care is an absolute necessity for healthy living, even the financial gurus at Forbes magazine wrote an entire article on the benefits of self-care, but the way Americans are operating on overdrive these days most of us are just tacking self-care onto the end of mile long to-do lists. Well, not to worry, I have found 5 great places to practice self-care in L.A. that don't require cleaning the tub and won't break your budget. 

1. The Now  - A massage for $70 in a beautiful light filled space that has cool music and even cooler decor = maximum de-stress. The Now has locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Studio City and Silverlake.

2. Will Rogers Park - This is an amazing place to just sit. The huge lawn is a serene spot for picnic blankets, and an afternoon with your favorite book. Stroll over to the stables, no big hike required, and hang with the horses for some relaxing animal therapy. *Parking in the lot is paid parking so bring cash**Check the Polo schedule in the spring and summer for match times to avoid the crowds, or stay to enjoy a match.

3.  Caudalie Spa - This cute little facial spot on Abbot Kinney will run you $155 for an hour of pure bliss. 

4. Bike Riding at Playa Del Rey Beach - This is a great spot to go for a bike ride without the crowds to the north in Venice and Santa Monica. If you can swing it on a weekday you will have the bike path almost all to yourself, plus street parking is free (instant de-stress). Pull off and watch the waves for a bit. When you're done head over to Playa Provisions for some great eats.

5. Shape House - This has been a favorite of mine for years. I know that sweating in an infrared suit can sound daunting, but you get to lay down for an hour and watch TV uninterrupted. If you don't want to sweat, go for the Lymphatic Massage and relax into your favorite show on Netflix. A session will run you around $50, and they have packages available as well.

Happy Relaxing! 


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